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Having a dog should be a blessing.  Not a burden.

No more stress.  It's time to enjoy your dog.

If your dog is a little (or a lot) out of control, you're probably spending more time feeling frustrated than having fun.

The daily stress and embarrassment make it hard to see the joy in having a canine companion.

You see "good" dogs everywhere you go - the park, the beach, the bar - and you wish that could be YOUR dog relaxing loyally by your side.  But Fido doesn't come when you call, barks at other dogs and can't walk nicely on a leash.  


Even just having people to your house is a fiasco.

You love your dog, and you want them to be happy and well-behaved.  But this isn't what you had in mind when you brought your pooch home.


You imagined long walks through the park, taking the pup out to dinners downtown and spending your weekends enjoying adventures together.

If you're ready to stop dealing with the drama and start feeling confident and proud of your dog, K9 Holistics Dog Training has the solutions you need.  Everyday, our certified dog trainer helps owners like you turn their burdens into blessings so they can live happily with their dogs.  


We proudly offer expert dog training services in Saint Petersburg, FL. Contact us today to see how you can make your feisty Fido the dog of your dreams.

Does your dog ignore you unless you have food?

Get our free training program to teach your dog to follow instructions without food bribes.

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"Before training, I was reluctant to take Nigel anywhere because he was leash reactive, didn't walk well on a leash, and was difficult to ride with in the car.  Nigel and I go many places now.  He has overcome his leash reactivity. He behaves better in the car and walks nicely on a leash. I now love to take him places. We even went to the dog beach where Nigel met many dogs (politely)."

- Cathy Hood

"Before we started training, Calypso was unruly, overly excited about everything, and still having accidents in the house. Now she is doing great on walks, no longer having accidents, and is getting her excitement under control. We are even able to leave her out of her crate while we are gone."

- Graelyn MasonJones

"I hired Christine to help with my son's two-year-old German Shepherd Odin. Odin is a great dog but had become very hard to walk due to his constant pulling and barking. Christine helped me learn new ways to train Odin and they worked right from the very beginning. Odin wanted to learn, it was just me not knowing the right ways to get started."

- Mark Weber 

  • Unruly behavior at home and outside

  • Leash reactivity

  • Excessive jumping, barking and chewing

  • Pulling on the leash

  • Therapy dog training

  • Hyperactivity

  • Anxiety and fearfulness

  • Rude greetings

  • Puppy mouthing and biting

  • Potty training

  • Off leash training

  • Unreliable recall

  • No time for training

  • Separation anxiety

  • Socialization

  • Difficult vet visits

  • Aggressive behaviors

We offer fully customizable dog training programs to address the following issues:

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