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Owning Your First Dog Can Be Hard - But It Doesn't Have To Be!

I love working with first time dog owners.  They are extremely motivated to learn and a pleasure to teach.  But I always sense that they feel overwhelmed, unsure and worried that they will do something wrong.  I totally get that.  Having a new dog CAN be overwhelming, especially if it's your first one. It's not like the dog comes with an owner's manual....
So I created one!
This guide will help you fill in the blanks with your new dog. It's easy to find techniques online for how to teach commands.  But what about setting up your home properly? Communicating effectively for optimal understanding? Establishing leadership and boundaries? All the stuff you wouldn't really think about but definitely need to know?
That's what this book is for. I want to help you - the first time dog owner - have success in training your ideal canine companion.  Just click the PDF icon and your free owner's manual is yours to keep.
Best woofs,
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