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Should You Give Your Dog Free Access To Outside?

I’m not a fan of leaving dogs outside unattended or giving them the freedom to go in and out as they please. It provides too much freedom and the opportunity for bad habits to set in. Dogs that are left outside unattended on a regular basis are more likely to dig and bark excessively. They are also more likely to become over-frustrated and over-stimulated because backyard time is usually substituted for real walks and exercise. Letting your dog out in the backyard IS NOT a substitute for a good long walk. Always keep an eye on your dog when he’s outside so that bad habits don’t set in. Take it from a pro trainer - preventing behavioral problems is far easier than treating them!

Christine Fasan is the head trainer and canine behaviorist at K9H. She specializes in German Shepherd Dogs and healing reactivity in dogs of all breeds. K9 Holistics offers dog training and behavior modification in St. Petersburg and throughout Pinellas County and Tampa Bay. Please contact Christine at

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