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"When [Big} came to us, he came with a lot of behavioral problems - he was leash aggressive, he was dog aggressive.  When he was aggressive, he lunged, he's got amazing teeth - he's terrifying.  And he was scary to me as well.  So I was nervous taking him out, afraid I wasn't going to be able to handle him well, or that the way I handled him would cause more problems.  

So I looked for a behaviorist, my vet recommended Christine Fasan from K9 Holistics.  She specializes in German Shepherd Dogs and she's been a Godsend to both Big and myself.  Since we've been working with Christine, I feel confident that I can handle him under any circumstances even when he's very upset.  But the number of instances where he is upset have dwindled to where it's noteworthy to mention them instead of noteworthy when we have a good day.  All in all, the quality of the Big's life and mine have improved tremendously."

-Sheila and Big (GSD)

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"Christine was great with my pup, Jax. She understood right away that he is only comfortable when people respect his space. She took her time getting to know him and even after he started to show affection after a few weeks she still did her best to take it slow with him. Even while we were moving across the country Christine still offered what help she could without being there to diagnose the situation.

I'm glad we chose Christine as our trainer because she gave me the tools to help Jax get to a place where he is more comfortable around strangers and with them petting him. And I also now have no problem telling people not to pet him and being more assertive when people just won't listen. So far he has started approaching people on his own and allowing them to pet him, even without treats! We are heading in the right direction and that makes me happy."

-Jo-Anne and Jax (Terrier mix)

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"I am so happy we hired Christine from K9 Holistics. She showed us how to train our puppy and even worked with our daughter and her friends training our dog. Thank you for everything! We highly recommend her services and Christine is so easy to work with and yet so knowledgeable and professional."

-Beatrice and Oreo (Maltipoo)

Christine is awesome! She did a great job helping us train our 10 week old Brittany Spaniel puppy, Lola. She listened to what we wanted to work on each week and incorporated it into our training session. Rather than training your dog for you, Christine teaches you what to do so your dog will listen and follow your directions. She uses positive reinforcement so your dog is always happy. Lola is our pet but also a hunting dog every now and then. So, Christine learned how to train her for hunting purposes. She is incredibly knowledgeable and made the training sessions easy to understand, fun and enjoyable for Lola and us. She also followed up with additional information and tips after each session.  

Christine has also helped us during the day by coming over and taking Lola for walks. We always get cute pictures and an update when she leaves on how the walk went.

I would highly recommend Christine to anyone looking for training, walking or sitting. We love Christine and so does Lola!"

-Ashley and Lola (Brittany Spaniel)

"It's super clear that Christine is an animal lover, and she's a genius with dogs. My Jack Russell, Biddy, had major anxiety which has led to major fear aggression and other behavioral issues. Biddy was such a stressed out animal that she didn't even know how to play! Way too anxious to chase after a ball or have fun with other dogs, she needed to be by my side at all times and literally followed me around the house everywhere I went. On top of that, she would bark and growl anytime anyone would come to my home. But not Christine.

From the moment Christine met my dog, she knew exactly how to put Biddy at ease and command her respect. From the very first session, I saw positive results. During our sessions, she taught me many easy techniques for interacting with my dog to modify her behavior and lesson her anxiety. Over the past four years, I've taken Biddy to several trainers and behaviorists without accomplishing this type of lasting results. 

I am thoroughly impressed by Christine's skill with dogs and the service she provides. She actively listened as I described to her a ton of common scenarios that led to Biddy exhibiting problem behavior. She then created easy-to-follow, custom strategies for me to use to modify Biddy's behavior during specific situations that regularly arise. She is solution-oriented and extremely creative! Ultimately, Biddy is a happier dog now - less stressed and less anxious. And I can relax when I have friends over at my place because I don't need to repeatedly discipline Biddy or keep her locked in her crate and listen to her cry the whole time. Thank you, Chris!"

-Dan and Biddy (Jack Russel Terrier)

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"My experience with Christine and K9 Holistics was nothing short of amazing. First, I want to explain that at 37 years of age, Quinn is my first pup, therefore I had very little knowledge and needed someone who would not just train the pup, but train me as well. And this is exactly what Christine did. She took my level of knowledge into consideration, and designed a plan that my wife and I followed with our pup. She always followed up with detailed homework for us to maintain Quinn's training throughout the week.

Quinn's behavior changed dramatically over the short 6 weeks that we spent together. He was never a bad-behaved dog, but he went from being an untrained dog, to a dog that could follow all of the basic obedience commands with ease and consistency. Months after our time together ended, and even after I moved 4 states away, Christine is still in touch with me to see how Quinn is transitioning to his new environments, and to ensure that I don't have any additional needs. I highly recommend Christine to anyone who cares a lot about their dog. You will not be disappointed and your dog will thank you!"

-Roberto and Quinn (Mini Schnauzer)

"Christine worked with my husband and I on potty training and behavior issues we were having with our soon to be 4 year old bichon frise and 6 1/2 year old yorkie. Christine didn't just come in and start a "cookie-cutter" training. She actually listened to our issues and what we wanted to obtain from training. She took the time to watch how each dog interacted with us together as well as individually. She also watched the dogs individual behavior and learned the background of each dog. She designed a training schedule that specifically met our needs and work schedule. As well as ways to deal with their behavior issues. She was always readily available if any questions or concerns arise. Not only is Christine a dog trainer; she is a dog behaviorist. I would highly recommend Christine for any of your dog issues."

-Denise, Koby (Bijon Frise) and Coco (Yorkie)

I was a bit nervous about the time it would take to train my 8 week old puppy, but after the first session I was relieved and shocked at how simple it really was.  Christine made training easier then I could have ever imagined.  I liked that she really trained me and not just my dog.  The training was so hands on and she really trained me to work with her.  It makes perfect sense and really works!  Working with Ava on all of these tools, I have been able to connect with her and get very close to her.  We have really bonded!  Ava is my best buddy and really listens to everything I ask of her.  She is a great dog and I am so happy I trained her right off the bat!

-Ali and Ava (Golden Doodle)

If anyone needs help training their dog, Christine with K9 Holistics is amazing! She has helped us with Moose who is showing great progress and is a much happier dog thanks to her guidance. Our lives, as well as Moose, have changed for the better with her help!

-Wes, Laura and Moose (Great Dane)

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"Hudson’s attitude was causing us to actively avoid other people and dogs while out on walks.  It went so far as to discourage us from inviting new people over because we were concerned about his reaction.  It may sound kind of silly but this was really causing family wide stress and anxiety!  It finally got to the point where we realized it was silly to have our dog (as much as we love him) controlling our home environment and dictating whether or not we can bring guests in.  In order to make the decision to work with a trainer, we needed to be sure we had someone who would really hear us out and who we felt comfortable with.  [Now] we are much more comfortable bringing new people around him and have far more control of the situation.  Hudson is a much better listener and brilliant at 'sit to say please.'"

-Jamila and Hudson (Terrier mix)

"Christine did an amazing job with my 8 month old pup.  I was having behavior problems with him so I decided to hire Christine to help.  She used her years of experience with dogs to evaluate my pup and determined that he was acting out from fear and not aggression.  She then approached the matter with a thought out plan.  I couldn't believe how well he took to her, he's always deathly afraid of strangers.  And after a few minutes she literally had him eating from her hand.  She basically trained me as well with some great pointers and tricks to improve my pup's behavior.  It's been a couple months and he's doing amazing now, even competing in conformation shows with judges touching all over him.  I can't thank her enough for doing such an amazing job!"

-Jason and Percy (American Staffordshire Terrier)

Great job with Kratos - he's a 100lb German Shepherd and he improved a lot. Nice, helpful, motivating"

-Micah and Kratos (GSD)

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"I had taken Nigel to group training classes before and did not have huge success, so I had doubts about whether training would be successful.  Before we started training I was reluctant to take him anywhere because he was leash reactive, didn't walk well on a leash, and was difficult to ride with in the car.  Nigel learned so quickly with K9 Holistic’s training that I was so impressed. I'm a huge fan of your training and recommend you to ANYONE I hear who is looking for a trainer.  Nigel and I go many places together now.   He has overcome his leash reactivity. He behaves better in the car and walks nicely on a leash. I now love to take him places. We even went to the dog beach where Nigel met many dogs (politely).  Nigel has come such a long way. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the training.  I especially like the fact that classes are not just at a classroom. They're wherever Nigel needs them to be (a park, a restaurant, inside the house, on a pack walk, ...)"    

"I hired Christine to help with my son's two-year-old German Shepherd Odin. Odin is a great dog but had become very hard to walk due to his constant pulling and barking. Christine helped me learn new ways to train Odin and they worked right from the very beginning. Odin wanted to learn, it was just me not knowing the right ways to get started. Christine was always right on time, and her enthusiasm and energy were contagious for both Odin and myself.  My son is now continuing to work with Christine and we look forward to bringing Odin to a group walk soon."

-Mark and Odin (GSD)

We are very pleased with Christine's work with Soto. Wheatens are a stubborn breed but our 11 month old has responded well. Here's a high five for K9 Holistics.

-Jim and Soto (Wheaton Terrier)

"Christine worked with us & our German Shepherd puppy for 6 weeks. She was always professional, punctual & very clear in her instructions. We saw a major improvement in our puppy's behavior"

-Beth and Cane (GSD)

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